Phoenix Ebook FinalFire Dragons, the most powerful dragon race on Earth.

Until the war left them as shadows of the race they once were.

Little more than slaves to the water dragons, they’re kept in line through destitute conditions and tracking devices. Sparks has known both lives, the prosperous and the starving, so when the opportunity arises for a little indulgence, she jumps at the chance, setting into motion a chain of events from which there is no turning back. With her fire power and dragon acting out, Sparks has no choice but to attempt escape, or face the consequences of her actions.

On the run, Sparks’s countdown begins. If she can’t remove the tracker, she’s dead. So when a gorgeous stranger shows up offering his help in exchange for hers, she has little choice but to accept. It isn’t long before Sparks discovers that Phoenix may be more than he seems, and that their lives are tied together in ways neither expected. Time is of the essence, but will they have enough to save both Sparks and her people from the water dragons?



Mate Level 8 ebook

What’s worse than being abducted by aliens? Being told you have to choose one as a mate.

Cammie’s having an average teenage bad day, complete with her car dying on the side of the road, when she’s attacked from behind. As soon as she wakes up, everything Cammie knows about space and extraterrestrials is turned on its head. First, she’s on a real spaceship whose crew proves that aliens aren’t little green people. Second, there are more alien races than she’d considered, and some are at war. If that wasn’t enough, the ship’s captain, Kilani, is adamant he’s not taking her back to Earth for one glaring reason: she’s classified as a Mate, a female able to bear children.

With Kilani’s race dying out, they’ve become desperate to find a solution, but Cammie wants nothing to do with it. All she wants is to return to Earth, that is until Kilani starts showing her what space travel is all about, and that a lonely captain might be just what she’s looking for. However, the question remains for both of them: by the time they reach Kilani’s home world, will he have convinced Cammie to choose him as a Mate, or will she continue to fight to return home?

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