Gargoyle Collection

Gargoyle’s Kiss

GK Ebook 2

“I craved the sun until I found the moon.”

Gargoyles, the ugly, mutant creatures atop prestigious old buildings. Just statues and tales. At least that’s what Larissa thought. She didn’t believe the rumors of gargoyles living in the forbidden forest that sat behind the university, or the rumors that the mysterious Gargoyle’s Kiss would set them free, at least not until she unintentionally kissed one. But kissing a statue of an unusually attractive man shouldn’t be life changing. After all, what’s the harm in a little kiss?



gargoyle's pixie ebook coverWhen your natural enemies are trolls and gargoyles, what’s a pixie to do besides avoid them? It’s easy during the day, but at night, anything could happen. When Violet is cast out from her home, she must survive not only the winter, but any danger that lurks in the forest. It isn’t long before she comes face to face with the deadly gargoyles, but none of them seem to want to harm her. Is it a trick meant to throw her off guard? It doesn’t matter when a horde of trolls show up. She does the only thing she knows to do to keep herself safe, but will her new gargoyle mate protect her?



Gargoyle Christmas Ebook


Christmas is fast approaching, and Finley is resigned to spending another holiday alone in her parents’ large house. That is, until she receives word that Larissa, her best friend, is dropping by for the holiday. The catch: Larissa is a gargoyle, and she’s bringing not only her mate with her, but several others as well, including one gorgeously sexy gargoyle who has his eyes set on Finley.

As celebrations begin, Finley can’t avoid Ivax for long, and soon she’s left wondering if it’s him she’s avoiding, or the curse that comes with becoming a gargoyle’s mate. Can Finley avoid the mistletoe this Christmas, and if so, for how long?

If you’ve been waiting for Finley and Ivax’s love story, you don’t want to miss this heartfelt and hilarious addition to the Gargoyle Collection.