My body hates me…

So, a few years ago (before I started writing again), I was an avid exerciser. Well, that quit shortly before I took up the addiction that I call writing. Since then, I’ve been a couch potato and an even worse snacker and chocolate addict. I’ve been wanting to start exercising again, and today I finally made it happen. Hopefully it’s here to stay!

This morning I woke up early and spent some time doing some small exercises on my Wii Fit Plus (which I love, by the way). Tonight when writing was going slow, I decided to hop back on it and see what I could do. I’m quite a bit disappointed that I can’t keep up with how much I could exercise before I quit. I want to be able to do it all like before, but I keep reminding myself that I can build back up to it. When I first started last time I was in pretty much the same position, but I kept going and didn’t give up. I was in great shape and ate healthy. Now I need to start that journey all over again, but I can do it!

I’m a writer, so why am I telling you this? Because it’s important to take care of all aspects of your life. I’ve let writing take control of too much of mine. I need to take at least a half an hour every day to build a healthy me. (And I need to stop being lazy and cook decent meals). Keeping balance in our lives will create healthier versions of ourselves. I really am addicted to writing, and so much of my life has suffered for it (especially the kitchen-anyone want to keep me company while I tackle that mess?). Now I’m putting everything back in place little by little. If I don’t, I will go crazy.

In May I’m running a 5k with my sisters. That has helped motivate me to start this process all over again. I’ve run two 5ks before, and I loved them. I really am not a runner at heart, but I love the feeling I get when I finish, like I’ve truly accomplished something. That is kind of the way it feels when I have a book go live.

Well, my break is over. Time for a few more planks, lunges, and squats. If you don’t hear from me again, my body revolted. Night all!

Where have I been?

That is a good question! And the answer is: busy. A lot has happened since my last post. I had big plans for where the website was taking me, and then the worst thing that can happen to a writer with big plans happened: I got burned out, bad. For 2-3 weeks I couldn’t even write. When I was finally able to write again, I couldn’t even think about marketing without high stress and near panic attack taking me, so I avoided it and just kept to writing. Slowly I came out of it until now. There are still a few things I won’t touch yet, but my spark is back! And I’m determined not to let it happen again. Therefore, when I feel myself starting to burn out, instead of pushing ahead like nothing is wrong, I’m going to slow down. (I should point out that my day job adds a lot of stress to my life, and any book stress just adds to that and overwhelms me).

In the meantime, I’ve had several book releases! If you haven’t followed me on social media about these releases, let me tell you about them! “First Christmas” released last July, which is when the burn out started. “Cookie Christmas” released last November, followed by the long awaited “Redemption” in January. “Freedom” releases in two weeks and a new favorite, “Gargoyle’s Kiss”, is scheduled for release next month.

weregal bookscapeThe Weregal Chronicles first trilogy got a cover makeover and I love the new covers! I participated in a few author signings in my hometown of Hale, MI last year, and we’ll see if I can fit one in this year! My hometown is very supportive and I can’t thank them all enough. I was also able to attend an author event in Kalamazoo, MI in the fall, The Great Lakes Book Bash, and this time I went as a reader with my sister, Melanie. We had so much fun meeting and getting to know so many great authors.

Well, I think that’s all the big news for now. I’m going to update everything before I leave the site (I hope). I’ll be back again soon!