First Christmas (Releases July 8th. Preorder for $.99)

FirstChristmas-Heather Karn

Vixen is an ice dragon shifter whose obsession with Christmas increases each day. Her clan’s village is located at the North Pole: the home of the one and only Santa Claus and his elves. She lives a life of carefree celebration until an attack from a vengeful dragon lands Vixen at the feet of her mate, a man who has never celebrated Christmas.

Lunar is from none other than the South Pole, the farthest place on Earth from Vixen’s beloved home. And as for her favorite holiday, he’s never joined in any of the human traditions surrounding it. If anything, he’s purposefully avoided them. Vixen must now take the reins and teach her mate all about the joyous time of year she celebrates year round.

Just when their relationship starts to blossom, Vixen is kidnapped and held for ransom. Lunar will stop at nothing to save her as his first Christmas draws near. After all, there is no place like home for the holidays.

Black Out (The Weregal Chronicles, Book 3)


Joette “Joey” McClane is on a life or death mission. With her best friend’s life on the line, she, Kev, and a host of her new friends and family escape to Earth. With two people already dead from Tom’s evil plan, and one still unaccounted for, they race the clock to rescue Chrissa and return to Fairimorr before Leon breaks the truce with Derek to get to them. Knowing it is likely her last trip to Earth, Joey requests to stay a few days longer to celebrate Thanksgiving with her relatives, but that may be pushing their time limit too far. When the unthinkable happens, the group finds themselves trapped on Earth. With unlikely new allies and traitors in their midst, it soon becomes difficult to tell friend from foe. In all of their trials, one fact remains clear to Joey: Tom must be stopped at all costs, or humanity will be destroyed.

Black Out on Amazon


Whitewash (The Weregal Chronicles, Book 2)


Joey and Kev are now on the run, all the while Joey’s weregal side grows stronger. Escaping to Fairimorr proves to be more daunting than either had counted on, and when they arrive at their destination, they don’t receive the warm welcome they expected. With a new, foreign world ahead of her, Joey is faced with new challenges and obstacles that she never dreamed she’d ever have to face. Her human upbringing puts her at a disadvantage, which those she now comes into contact with don’t even begin to understand. She must choose whether life in Fairimorr is worth the sacrifices she’s made, or if she’ll find a way to escape back to Earth. All the while Joey learns to trust her instincts to survive, and not all of them are human instincts. And when her world feels like it’s tearing apart, she is faced with the question that her heart needs answered: does she truly belong with Kev, as his mate?

Whitewash on Amazon

Perfect Scents (The Weregal Chronicles, Book 1)

Joette McClane’s life has gone from the happiest it could ever be to heartbreak with the deaths of her parents. Now living with her grandma and aunt, trying to put the pieces of her life back together, a school assignment shocks the life back into Joey- an essay on the weregals, a race of werecats who disappeared from the mountains of West Virginia nearly twenty years ago. As luck, or fate, would have it, not only does Joey stumble across the first weregal seen in years, but what Kev knows about Joey will turn her world upside down. But Kev’s not the only creature lurking in the West Virginia pines, and these other creatures might not be so friendly. Armed with her peculiar sense of smell, Joey and her friends set out to discover the truth behind these mysterious strangers who have their sights set on Joey, but will the price of truth be too much to pay?
Perfect Scents on Amazon


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