Christmas Collection

First Christmas

FirstChristmas-Heather Karn

Vixen is an ice dragon shifter whose obsession with Christmas increases each day. Her clan’s village is located at the North Pole: the home of the one and only Santa Claus and his elves. She lives a life of carefree celebration until an attack from a vengeful dragon lands Vixen at the feet of her mate, a man who has never celebrated Christmas.
Lunar is from none other than the South Pole, the farthest place on Earth from Vixen’s beloved home. And as for her favorite holiday, he’s never joined in any of the human rituals surrounding it. If anything, he’s purposefully avoided them. Vixen must now take the reins and teach her mate all about the joyous time of year she celebrates year round.
Just when their relationship starts to blossom, Vixen is kidnapped and held for ransom. Lunar will stop at nothing to save her as his first Christmas draws near. After all, there is no place like home for the holidays.


Cookie Christmas

Holly Ebook Cover

Another year of Christmas preparations is in full swing at the North Pole’s own Christmas Village, and Holly is content to be working at her father’s bakery. But when Chip calls her into his office with a promotion she can’t turn down, life as Holly knows it is about to change. With a new bakery located in New York City scheduled to go online the first of November, and her at the head of the project, she has little time for distractions. That is, until she meets her handsome new assistant.
Merric quickly proves to be more than a competent assistant, especially when devastating news from back home puts all the pressure on them to make the new bakery a success. Even with their deadline approaching, romance blossoms between Holly and Merric, but it’s not without its challenges. Can it survive when Holly discovers a secret Merric has been hiding? Or will they pull together and fight for their chance at happiness and success?



Evergreen Christmas

Jolly Ebook
For the elves of Christmas Village, January is a month of recovery after another successful Christmas, only this year Jolly is recovering from more than just the holiday. Heartache, anger, and betrayal have left her with little Cheer to speak of, and she’s at her wits end avoiding everyone. So when Santa suggests she head up a new project in Alaska, Jolly jumps on the plan. But after arriving, it doesn’t take Jolly long to realize everything isn’t as it seems.
Bryar, the local polar bear shifter Alpha, is having troubles of his own. With a rogue pack of wolf shifters wreaking havoc on the Christmas tree farm and local elves, it’s up to the polar bears to protect the farm’s borders. When Jolly and her companions show up unannounced, she receives a unique welcome which both she and Bryar will never forget. Will the two of them be able to learn to trust one another in time to find Jolly’s lost Cheer and save those they love from the ever present danger of the wolves?



Flint Ebook


What’s worse than being friend zoned by your ultimate crush? To Flint, not much, especially now that his Alpha brother has found love for the second time. If that wasn’t hard enough to deal with, Santa wants a polar bear ambassador to join him in Christmas Village, and he’s requested Flint by name. Leaving another new home once again, and this time his pack as well, Flint’s only consolation is that he’ll know one person in Christmas Village.

Even the dragon clan in Christmas Village doesn’t know much about Lizzette. Being a private person, she only has a few close friends, and her newest one is a polar bear shifter. Once they land in Christmas Village, pounding snowstorms land with them, raging through the North Pole one after another. With Christmas already on the line, can this unlikely pair find a way to help the elves dig out while discovering the relationship neither had anticipated?