“Perfect Scents” is FREE!!!

ATTENTION: You read that right!! “Perfect Scents” is now free AND on all major platforms!!

As “Black Out” was getting ready to be put up for preorder, I knew I wanted to do something to spike interest in my series. I’ve seen some authors make the first book in their series free (which is also why I started some of my favorite series, let’s be honest), so I decided to take that route and try it. So far, the response has been awesome.

winter christmas backgroundWith that, I also gave “Perfect Scents” a face life (aka: it has a new cover). I loved the old one, but to me, it needed some help. It was just too gray for me after a while, and I’ve learned a lot since making the original.

So if you’ve never read “Perfect Scents”, the time to do so has never been better!! If you have read it and liked it, share the news with a friend! Book sharing is the best!

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