Book Recs

Ever wonder what books I’d recommend? Wonder no more! Below is a list of some of my favorite reads. Enjoy! (It’s also a work in progress so more book recs to come!)

The Immortal Trials: The Complete Series by [Shay, Ainsley]



I loved this series! Couldn’t put it down once I started it. I was able to meet Ainsley at Penned Con in 2019 and bought the first book of this series, and the first books of two other series. I can’t wait to dig into those next!



Relentless (Book One) by [Lynch, Karen]



This was the book that got me back into writing again after a short break from it. I love this series, and I couldn’t put the first two books down as I read them and re-read them before the third came out! They’re addicting!

Karen is also an amazing person. I loved getting to meet her, and I will admit to fangirling so bad that I was a giggly mess.




Hope(less) (Judgement Of The Six Book 1) by [Haag, Melissa]



This was another one of my favorite reads after I started reading again, and is the second series that inspired me to start writing again. There’s also a companion book to it that’s his point of view, and it’s hilarious! If you love wolf shifters, this is an amazing series. It’ll bring out all of the feels, so be prepared!

I also may have fangirled over Melissa pretty bad when we first met, but I tried to keep it together more than when I met Karen. I feel like I succeeded…on the outside at least.


The Complete Lost Royals Saga (Seaton Falls Academy Box Set) by [Jonas, Rachel]



Oh my gosh, this is another page turner where I couldn’t stop reading!! Liam is an instant heartthrob, so be prepared for another book boyfriend! This series…there aren’t enough words to describe it. It’s a must read series.


Touch by [Haag, Melissa]



You know how some people have comfort foods? Well, this here is my comfort book. There’s just something about it that makes me happy inside when I read it. If you’re looking for a fun, sweet PNR read, then this is a very good choice.