SANYO DIGITAL CAMERAMy desire to become an author hit in 8th grade when I wrote a short story as an assignment and I took that story and turned it into a novel. Of course it was pretty short and not too good, but it spurred in me a desire to write. After rewriting that same novel several times, I set it aside after college and writing fell by the wayside for other hobbies.

I began reading again last year, and my heart burned to start writing the stories in my head. It was then that I began The Weregal Chronicles. The setting of Book 1 is in West Virginia, a place I hold dear to my heart. Though I only lived there for a year, I will always consider it home.

Currently, me and my dog, Gunney, live in Wisconsin. He’s a Pomeranian who loves to keep me company while I write, and if I get too distracted by my writing, he likes to remind me that he’s still present. He’s recently learned to love to play fetch so it’s our favorite distraction when I need a break…or he does.