Stalking The Enemy Series

Freedom’s Touch

Alone. Alone means safety for Bianca…and everyone else in the world. When two Elite soldiers knock on Bianca’s door, her world of isolation is turned on its head.

As a Stalker, she is one of the most sought after supernaturals among the darker side of the supernatural community. But when she finds out that Kip and Feran are searching for a madman Warlock who’s killing innocent people, she makes the choice to step from the shadows.

Can Bianca find the Warlock before more people are killed, or will she be the one who’s found?

Stalking the Magician

Blindfolds and playing cards aren’t only for those with magic.

Bianca has finally stepped out of the protective confines of her home to begin her life as an Elite soldier. Along with her team, she hopes to save as many people as she can using her Stalker abilities to find people. However, she never expected to locate The Magician, a supernatural serial killer who has evaded law enforcement for far too long.

As terrifying revelations come to light about The Magician, it’s up to Bia to keep the madman in her sights while staying off his radar. The only defenses she has against him and his cronies are Kip and Feran, and even they might not be enough.

 If The Magician finds out about Bianca, will she have what it takes to avoid being his next victim?

COMING SOON: A Deal With A Vampire (2023)