“Perfect Scents” is FREE!!!

ATTENTION: You read that right!! “Perfect Scents” is now free AND on all major platforms!!

As “Black Out” was getting ready to be put up for preorder, I knew I wanted to do something to spike interest in my series. I’ve seen some authors make the first book in their series free (which is also why I started some of my favorite series, let’s be honest), so I decided to take that route and try it. So far, the response has been awesome.

winter christmas backgroundWith that, I also gave “Perfect Scents” a face life (aka: it has a new cover). I loved the old one, but to me, it needed some help. It was just too gray for me after a while, and I’ve learned a lot since making the original.

So if you’ve never read “Perfect Scents”, the time to do so has never been better!! If you have read it and liked it, share the news with a friend! Book sharing is the best!

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Checking in!

So, we have passed Thanksgiving, and Christmas is looming ahead. It’s a busy time of year regularly, but now that I’m a published author, it’s even busier. Why? Because I want to get Book 3 out to my readers as soon as I can! Currently, it’s on schedule, though with Christmas it might fall a bit behind. The name is chosen, and the cover 98% complete. I’m hoping to do a cover reveal in late January or early February. So far, those who have seen it have loved it!new-cover-photo

I’m excited that Book 3 is in the works and that I’ve made so much progress on it, but this is a bitter sweet project. Though The Weregal Chronicles will proceed, Book 3 is the last book to be told by Joey’s POV exclusively. She will make appearances in books 4-6, but I doubt any of the story will be told from her POV. Things can change, but right now, that’s the plan. I will miss being in her head, but I’m excited for the next person I get to know better. That announcement will come at the end of Book 3.

“Perfect Scents” is exiting Kindle Unlimited this week as it’s contract in that program is ending and I’ve chosen not to renew it. Instead, I will be working through Smashwords to make it available on several other book sites. “Whitewash” will be avaialable through Kindle Unlimited until sometime in February. I’m not sure if any future books will join the program when they first release or if I’ll have them on all sites to preorder.

Looking back at this year, I’ve had an incredible journey. I’m looking forward to what next year brings!

New Release!

Well, I wish I could say that today is the day! But I can’t. Saturday was the big day, but I had so much going on that I wasn’t able to post about it! While that’s sad for me, at least the book is out. Another dream has come true in my series is continuing to expand! It also marks the end of what I had previously written before starting the publishing process with Perfect Scents. Both Perfect Scents and Whitewash were nearly completely rewritten, but now, I’m starting from scratch with Book 3. That might seem like a problem, but it’s not. At the time I wrote the first edition of the first two books, I had no idea where the story was going or what the plot and problems would be. By the time I finished them, I was heading in a great direction. When Perfect Scents finished its rewrite, I knew better what was going to happen and what needed to happen. It also led into expanding on the story and making the series two trilogies instead of only one. So yes, if you didn’t know, The Weregal Chronicles will be a six book series comprised of the two trilogies.



As of right now, work has begun on Book 3 (currently unnamed). It is the last book told from Joey’s perspective, and though this is sad, I’m ecstatic to begin work on the next trilogy. With any luck, I’ll be able to publish Book 3 mid-March, but don’t quote me. I’m also working on a secret project standalone, so that is getting a little attention as well. That should be ready to publish next year as well. Let’s hope that life works with me and doesn’t throw any curve balls to change my plans!

Now, a little about Whitewash. This story was not only rewritten, but the second half of the book has a completely different plot than the original version. The beginning was rewritten at least seven times, and it wasn’t until Angus entered Perfect Scents that the beginning of Whitewash fell into place. It was fun to watch again as characters moved the plot in the way it should go, and I was along for the ride.

After I finished writing it, I went back through and tracked the days and was surprised to find that the whole of the book only comprises twelve days. A lot happened in those twelve days! You get to meet a whole new band of characters, some of whom you will like and others who you won’t. And biggest of all, we get to see Kev’s home world of Fairimorr. Kev never gave Joey a description of it in Perfect Scents, so not only are the readers going in blind to this new world, she is too. As readers, you get to explore this new world right along with her.

Like Perfect Scents, Whitewash is part of Kindle Unlimited. I’m not sure how long either of these books will be part of this program, so if you have KU, I would take advantage of this now!

I am also working on creating a form for readers to be able to order signed books in time for the holiday season. When that form is ready, I will post the link on my Facebook page and in my group, The Witty Weregals. If it doesn’t end up being ready in time, I’ll accept message requests.

I hope you love the new book!!

New Release

Okay, so it looks like I’ve been really bad at keeping up with this lately! Well, with good reason (I hope anyway). “Whitewash”, Book 2, is coming out in just over a week!!! I’ve been busy getticover-ww-new-guyng the final edits done on it and setting everything up for the release, as well as finding some time to get a little work done on Book 3 (Currently nameless).

Like I said, Whitewash is coming out on November 12th!!! How awesome is that! It’s been just over three months since Perfect Scents was released. Don’t expect Book 3 to be published that soon! I’m hosting a release party on Facebook on Nov 12 to celebrate, and everyone is invited. I’ve got lots of great authors lined up, and even more who are giving donations!

Here is the link for the party: https://www.facebook.com/events/696072047206984/

You can also get to it by going to my author page (www.facebook.com/heatherkarnauthor) and going to the events tab.

To celebrate Whitewash’s release, Perfect Scents is going on sale for $.99 from Nov 7-13th. If you’ve wanted to buy Perfect Scents and start the series, that will be the perfect time to start reading it!

I also just passed my year mark for working on The Weregal Chronicles, and I find it hard to believe that it’s been a year! It seems just like yesterday that I was starting to write, and like I said in an earlier post, all I had to start with was two characters, Kev and Joey. Now I’ve got a while crew of characters and an amazing plot that is unfolding! What a difference a year makes! I can’t wait to see where next year at this time leaves me. All I know is that I’m going to enjoy the ride!

My Jump Into KU

Time is sure flying! I can’t believe the summer is coming to a close already and fall is coming in. It’s another month closer to the release of Book 2! More details on that to come in the next few weeks.

образцы молекулыAs for more good news, Perfect Scents is now FREE on Kindle Unlimited! It was a decision I hadn’t seen coming, but I’m happy with it. Now even more people have access to my debut novel.

It’s funny the position I’m in (and most authors). I’m trying to market my first book while putting everything for the second one together and working out a marketing plan for that one as well. So far so good. For more info on Book 2, check out my facebook group, The Witty Weregals!


This Is Really Real!

Well, it’s been a while since I updated any information on here! So much has happened in the 3 1/2 weeks that “Perfect Scents” has been published. I can hardly believe it’s been that long, yet it feels like it happened yesterday. Wow. I’ve been able to experience a lot in the last fewCover weeks with doing my first author takeover and HOLDING MY FIRST BOOK IN MY HANDS!!! That’s right, the paperback is available now too! There’s nothing quite like holding a book in your hands with your name on it and your guts spilled across the pages inside. I also did my first signed book giveaway, and signed the first paperback! What a moment! There are no words to describe these small moments (small to the world but large for me!).

At first none of this felt real. It was like a dream. The day the book came out I was in a giddy haze that almost had me crying (almost, but I’m not a crier). Since thBacken I’ve had wake up after wake up that this is really happening! Like, the other day I was driving to work, or something like it where I had plenty of time to think, and I realized that I actually have fans of my book who aren’t family or friends! People I’ve never met or heard of like my book! My book gave them a book hangover! Seriously??? That’s for real! Something I wrote, something that was never to see the light of day outside of my la
ptop and apartment has people hanging on for Book 2.I have people asking when Book 2 is coming out!!! Wow!

I’m not tSpinerying to brag. That’s not what this post is about. This is just me coming to reality that my dream has been coming true, and it’s taken a lot of hard work to get here, and it’s even still hard as I try to market and get my book into more hands
and finish the rewrite of Book 2. I’m having a hard time concentrating on it tonight, so I wanted to update this.

This rollercoaster ride has just begun. I’ve made so many new friends through this experience, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve learned a lot about myself, and I will continue to do so. There’s no turning back now. I’m in this for the long haul!!!

It’s Go Time!!!

Well, here it is!! It’s finally here! “What,” you say?? Oh, you know, just PUBLISHING DAY!! Yes, “Perfect Scents” is now available on Amazon. Can I believe this? Nope, but yes. Today has been such a whirlwind for me. I know it’s real, but it’s so hard to believe at the same time that what I’ve been waiting for has finally happened. But I’m so happy about it!

I’ve been extremely happy today, but today has also been emotionally draining as I’ve worried hTodayow the book will be accepted and loved hearing friends and people I don’t know on facebook say they’re going to buy it. Only time will tell.

But to celebrate, I pulled out my new favorite mug and poured myself a cup of Raspberry Cranberry juice and threw on my new tiger shirt (just bought it on Wednesday in anticipation of wearing it on release day) and have been monitoring my computer and phone today…all while trying to clean my apartment. Yeah, maybe a little cleaning got done.

Now that “Perfect Scents” is out, I can focus my time on Book 2! Now to get it finished rewritten. The process begins again!

Check it out here: Perfect Scents on Amazon