First Blood Series

first bloodkindle Koda Niklane has life figured out: achieve her dream job, learn to fight, and above all, stay alive. What was never in the plan was to find out that she’s not even human. When a purple-eyed blood drinker announces publicly that she’s one of his kind, Koda’s life takes a turn for the unexpected. Little is known about the vamlure, cousins to the deadly vampires. While Koda focuses on improving her lack of fighting skills, she also has to learn everything there is to know about the race.

And who better to teach her than Raven Cartana, a Captain in the government’s most advanced military unit: the Elite. As her new trainer, it’s Raven’s job to teach Koda street smarts instead of always relying on her book knowledge. With the assistance of Raven’s team, Koda and her brother, Lee, brace for the huge learning curve thrown at them, which with each passing day, becomes more difficult.

Keeping the city safe is their number one priority, but what happens when the attacks become more personal? Even if she learns to fight, can Raven and Koda keep her alive long enough to figure out a motive?