First Blood Series

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Unknown father. Human mother. Has Koda’s mysterious genetics landed her at the top of the gene pool or at the bottom of the food chain?
Since the time Elite Soldiers were established to keep the peace among humans and supernaturals, Koda Niklane has longed to join them. Being human gives her a disadvantage, but it doesn’t stop her from trying. However, at Koda’s Interview, she discovers she’s not human at all, but a blood drinking cousin to Vampires.
With this new revelation, Koda isn’t prepared at all to join the Elite, but Raven Cartana, her new Elite trainer, is dead set on teaching her all about who and what she is, especially as danger rises and the risks escalate. When Koda’s attacked off the job, she’s forced to face the truth: someone wants her dead.
Can Koda and Raven find answers before her luck runs out?


As if Koda’s life hasn’t been in enough turmoil since finding out she wasn’t human, an attempt on her life adds fuel to the fire. Too many questions have left her reeling, and there’s only one place to find answers: St. Louis. Only, the city was destroyed over a decade earlier.
When one clue leads to yet another, with even more questions uncovered, Koda finds herself deep underground in the home of the Vamlure. Only one person holds the information she seeks, and once that knowledge comes to light, allies may turn to enemies.
Will Koda and her team find safety among her kind or will the surface offer more security, even with an unknown threat still breathing down their necks?


Where do you go when nowhere is safe?
With the identity of their enemy coming together piece by piece, Koda, Raven, and the team race against the clock to find him before he finds Koda. This isn’t easy with their list of limited safe places dwindling one by one. Somehow, the Lich is always one step ahead of them, and suspicion falls on one person: their prisoner. 
But all may not be as it appears. In this epic conclusion of Koda’s story, trust will be tried, tears will be shed, and bonds of love will be formed. The fate of the Third House hangs in the balance, as does the fate of the world.
Can the last Head of Third House save those she loves or are they all doomed to fail?

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Who wouldn’t fear a blood drinker?
Raven Cartana’s future is up in the air, and it all hangs on if he can pass the Elite Interview and join the newest military branch containing mostly supernaturals. At sixteen, and a blood drinker, his chances are minimal at best. At worst, he’ll be killed on sight once his heritage is revealed.
Passing the Interview and becoming an Elite soon proves to be the easy part as unusual Threat attacks rise, and Raven must find himself a steady blood source. It’s up to Raven and his team to locate and stop the mastermind behind the attacks before disaster befalls them and more lives are lost.
Can a teenage Elite Captain succeed at a job that even the seasoned soldiers are struggling to understand?

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Can love grow in the shadow of the past?
With the world still recovering from the Lich’s attack, Avery Clark has spent the last month trying to keep the security of Fourth Bunker from falling apart. When General Davis and Raven Cartana show up with the announcement that Avery’s the new permanent head of security at the Bunker, Avery’s sure his friends have lost their minds.
When an extremely rare supernatural creature shows up needing protection and Avery starts falling for one of his colleagues, his world will either crash and burn, or be the greatest adventure of his life. Just when everything seems to be going his way, an old enemy strolls into the picture, and even Avery might not come out alive.
With love and life on the line, will Avery and Sadie be able to overcome the odds?

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What would you do to control your magic?
Shannon Dart’s magic is out of control. Rather, her flaring temper causes her magic to blow up the nearest object. With ninety days to learn control, and a bully set on making that impossible, Shannon is at her wits end. That is, until a wolf shifter appears in her first hour class after his pack moves to town.
There’s something about this shifter that Shannon can’t put her finger on. With Jackson’s help, Shannon is hopeful to learn control, especially when her magic responds to him. However, the rising tension between the magical coven and the wolf pack create problems for the two friends.
If Jackson is the key to unlocking Shannon’s control, can they find a way to make it work while keeping their distance, or are they bound to fail?