Planner vs. Panster

There are three different types of authors: the planners (plotters), the pansters (fly by the seat of your pants), and those inbetween. I am an inbetweener. When I can, I plot out the major points of what needs to happen to keep my brain focused on what needs to happen and when, just so I don’t forget anything. The panster part comes in when I have holes between these plot points and don’t know how to get from point A to point B. I know my characters will know how to get there once I reach the point of this “black hole” in the plot. Every time they get me through.

However, they also know how to throw me a curve ball. Like today, I’m working on “Redemption”, Book 4 of The Weregal Chronicles, when who should show up? Not one, but TWO new characters! I did not see that coming. All of a sudden a car door opened and here they are! What car? Who knows! There wasn’t even supposed to be a car!

This new little scenario now fixes parts of the plot where I had holes, so it worked out well! It’s also not the first time that this has happened to me, and it won’t be the last! Several of the best ideas for the books have come through pantsing my way through each novel and watching as the characters change plot points or add to them, or just throw me a curve ball.

I know that it sounds weird that the characters do this, but honestly, they’re the ones telling the story. I’m the one who’s writing it down as they tell it.

Well, back to writing for me! Got to figure out where these new characters came from and where they’re heading!!

2 thoughts on “Planner vs. Panster

  1. Dear Ms. Karn,
    I have enjoyed the first three books tremendously. I honestly couldn’t put them down, and read them at least 3 times. Although I am see to see Joey and Kev’s story go, I am excited for Redemption. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the world from Joey’s perspective, and am going to miss that. I only hope Kev and Joey will continue to be a big part of future books. All in all I have enjoyed the first three books so very much, and am a big fan of your others like 1st Christmas.(The weregal series are my favorite) You have become one of my new favorite authors, and good luck to you in the future.
    Sincerely, Grace


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