Checking in!

So, we have passed Thanksgiving, and Christmas is looming ahead. It’s a busy time of year regularly, but now that I’m a published author, it’s even busier. Why? Because I want to get Book 3 out to my readers as soon as I can! Currently, it’s on schedule, though with Christmas it might fall a bit behind. The name is chosen, and the cover 98% complete. I’m hoping to do a cover reveal in late January or early February. So far, those who have seen it have loved it!new-cover-photo

I’m excited that Book 3 is in the works and that I’ve made so much progress on it, but this is a bitter sweet project. Though The Weregal Chronicles will proceed, Book 3 is the last book to be told by Joey’s POV exclusively. She will make appearances in books 4-6, but I doubt any of the story will be told from her POV. Things can change, but right now, that’s the plan. I will miss being in her head, but I’m excited for the next person I get to know better. That announcement will come at the end of Book 3.

“Perfect Scents” is exiting Kindle Unlimited this week as it’s contract in that program is ending and I’ve chosen not to renew it. Instead, I will be working through Smashwords to make it available on several other book sites. “Whitewash” will be avaialable through Kindle Unlimited until sometime in February. I’m not sure if any future books will join the program when they first release or if I’ll have them on all sites to preorder.

Looking back at this year, I’ve had an incredible journey. I’m looking forward to what next year brings!

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