New Release!

Well, I wish I could say that today is the day! But I can’t. Saturday was the big day, but I had so much going on that I wasn’t able to post about it! While that’s sad for me, at least the book is out. Another dream has come true in my series is continuing to expand! It also marks the end of what I had previously written before starting the publishing process with Perfect Scents. Both Perfect Scents and Whitewash were nearly completely rewritten, but now, I’m starting from scratch with Book 3. That might seem like a problem, but it’s not. At the time I wrote the first edition of the first two books, I had no idea where the story was going or what the plot and problems would be. By the time I finished them, I was heading in a great direction. When Perfect Scents finished its rewrite, I knew better what was going to happen and what needed to happen. It also led into expanding on the story and making the series two trilogies instead of only one. So yes, if you didn’t know, The Weregal Chronicles will be a six book series comprised of the two trilogies.



As of right now, work has begun on Book 3 (currently unnamed). It is the last book told from Joey’s perspective, and though this is sad, I’m ecstatic to begin work on the next trilogy. With any luck, I’ll be able to publish Book 3 mid-March, but don’t quote me. I’m also working on a secret project standalone, so that is getting a little attention as well. That should be ready to publish next year as well. Let’s hope that life works with me and doesn’t throw any curve balls to change my plans!

Now, a little about Whitewash. This story was not only rewritten, but the second half of the book has a completely different plot than the original version. The beginning was rewritten at least seven times, and it wasn’t until Angus entered Perfect Scents that the beginning of Whitewash fell into place. It was fun to watch again as characters moved the plot in the way it should go, and I was along for the ride.

After I finished writing it, I went back through and tracked the days and was surprised to find that the whole of the book only comprises twelve days. A lot happened in those twelve days! You get to meet a whole new band of characters, some of whom you will like and others who you won’t. And biggest of all, we get to see Kev’s home world of Fairimorr. Kev never gave Joey a description of it in Perfect Scents, so not only are the readers going in blind to this new world, she is too. As readers, you get to explore this new world right along with her.

Like Perfect Scents, Whitewash is part of Kindle Unlimited. I’m not sure how long either of these books will be part of this program, so if you have KU, I would take advantage of this now!

I am also working on creating a form for readers to be able to order signed books in time for the holiday season. When that form is ready, I will post the link on my Facebook page and in my group, The Witty Weregals. If it doesn’t end up being ready in time, I’ll accept message requests.

I hope you love the new book!!

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