It’s Go Time!!!

Well, here it is!! It’s finally here! “What,” you say?? Oh, you know, just PUBLISHING DAY!! Yes, “Perfect Scents” is now available on Amazon. Can I believe this? Nope, but yes. Today has been such a whirlwind for me. I know it’s real, but it’s so hard to believe at the same time that what I’ve been waiting for has finally happened. But I’m so happy about it!

I’ve been extremely happy today, but today has also been emotionally draining as I’ve worried hTodayow the book will be accepted and loved hearing friends and people I don’t know on facebook say they’re going to buy it. Only time will tell.

But to celebrate, I pulled out my new favorite mug and poured myself a cup of Raspberry Cranberry juice and threw on my new tiger shirt (just bought it on Wednesday in anticipation of wearing it on release day) and have been monitoring my computer and phone today…all while trying to clean my apartment. Yeah, maybe a little cleaning got done.

Now that “Perfect Scents” is out, I can focus my time on Book 2! Now to get it finished rewritten. The process begins again!

Check it out here: Perfect Scents on Amazon


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